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16th Jun 2013

Everybody knows it already: we share a server with Dormagener Elite! This is the server: http://battlelog.battlefi ... rver-by-4Netplayers/

But of course, we don't get it for free. The server has 24 tickets and costs us 29.02 euros per month, because we share the server with DE we only have to pay 14.51 euros per month. I asked around a few months ago who was willing to pay for it, and there were about 6 people who were. If you would like to pay your share, you can pay via PayPal, I won't put the e-mail address here (I don't want spambots to get it), so please come to me to ask for it. It would be easiest if everybody just payed 14.51 euros, but if you want to pay less (or more!) that would be nice as well.

I hope we will get enough members willing to pay for it, so we can get it for a long time and be able to easily play together and arrange funwars. Thank you.

People who paid for it already:

Current amount: 74.51 euro (=5+ months)
Last Edit: 18th Jun 2013 by =1139=KiWi
Forum » =1139= Games » Battlefield series
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